Clarity and insights are your greatest gifts; when you have clarity and purpose, your life flows with power and grace…..

Personal Reading

Get a personal reading with Kathy to look into all your needs,  Love, Life, Money, Family, Those who have crossed over. Kathy combines her channeling gifts with her Psychic abilities to bring forth wondrous messages from Spirit.

Private Readings

Soul Party: 3 hr minimum

There are other ways to experience a personal reading with Kathy. Soul Parties are a great way to experience a Psychic Medium with your closest friends in your home. With a minimum of 4 (four) people, Kathy will  channel for all involved. This service will also include multiple readings for larger parties.  What a wonderful way to add to a private party.

Soul Party

Spiritual House Cleansing and Healing

Entering a space can make you feel immediately light and uplifted, or leave you feeling depleted and drained.  You are feeling the energy of that environment.  Every space has energy, whether solid or seemingly empty, it is composed of infinite energy. There are many reasons to cleanse, clear and recharge the energy in our homes.  Our homes and offices can become filled with negative and non-beneficial energy.  This energy is produced by negative thoughts and words of people.  Anger, fear and negative emotions become attached to the places where they are expressed.  This is why people can walk into a room where an argument just occurred and feel the tension in the air.  By cleansing the negative energies that attached themselves to us , we an make way for positive, Loving and Healing energy to fill our sacred space, allowing your home to become much more harmonious and balanced.

Spiritual Counselor

 I use my intuitive gifts and life experience as well as my 20 year history as a Behavior Analyst  to help you become aware of your life path, personality, mental patterns, and internal conflicts so you can work to maneuver through life’s ups and downs allowing you to live your highest potential.  A Spiritual Counselor is also considered an Intuitive Counselor who helps to guide people through spiritual and life choices. This service includes educating people on their behavior patterns, and in turn aid them with the proper tools to proceed forward in life in the most efficient way;  love who they are – understand their path , and how to operate with this new knowledge to live and be in touch with their higher self.   A Spiritual Counselor helps you to utilize your energy and time and help you feel confident with who you are and how you walk through life to be able to life your Truth.

Spiritual Counselor

LEGAL DISCLAIMERS: By following the scheduling procedures to secure your session with Kathy Williams, she will hold your appointment time. Once payment is received, no refunds are given. However, you may reschedule your appointment with a 48 hour notice. Kathy will call you.  Services provided are not guaranteed,  and should not be relied upon with absolute certainty.  Kathy Williams can not be held accountable or responsible for any decisions or interpretations based on information received.  For medical inquiry,  please consult with your own medical provider.  For legal concerns, please consult with an attorney or law enforcement.