Since her youth, Kathy has been seeing and communicating with souls that had crossed over.  Over the last 30 years, she has learned to increasingly rely on her gifts and worked to strengthen her natural abilities.  

People often have Life questions.  As a Psychic Medium, Kathy communicates with “The Higher Soul” of those who have crossed over, sharing divine messages to help those left behind ease their way through Life’s Journey.  This helps to aid in one’s own self discovery in Mind, Body, and Soul.  

For the last twenty years, Kathy built a practice as a Behavior Analyst, specializing in Neurological disorders and treating children and families.  Her goal was to teach others how to manifest a healthier family on multiple levels. When families integrated spirituality into their everyday lives, their paths became lighter and more peaceful.  Kathy enjoys the twenty years she’s spent helping children and families grow and learn. This was a prelude to her true calling- helping everyone lead a healthier lifestyle through true inner peace and enlightenment.

Kathy found herself drawn to the healing energy in crystals, also known as “Deva Energy”.  Along with her Psychic work, she began designing and creating Crystal and Gemstone Jewelry.  Kathy believes in the healing qualities of Mother Earth and the ability to harness energy through Crystal Healing.  Kathy has found a way to combine the Healing Qualities of Crystals into wearable works of art.  

Kathy has recently relocated from West Palm Beach, Florida to Raleigh, North Carolina to start yet another chapter in following her dreams.  She finds solace connecting with  Mother Nature.  Spending time outdoors nurtures and expands Kathy’s soul.   Kathy’s journey to become a psychic has been a lifelong adventure that still has chapters not yet written.  She continues to hone her skills and abilities to help those seeking knowledge and answers that are not easily found.  Come walk along with Kathy in your Life’s Journey.  Let her help you find the strong inner Light within you.